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Hi and welcome to Nashville Women’s Barbell Club!

Nashville Women’s Barbell Club is a health and fitness club for women interested in learning to strength train. Information herein is not meant to diagnose or treat illness or injury. Any and all health conditions and injuries that may contraindicate training must be disclosed on the “Join” Survey, so Women’s Barbell Club can best be prepared to train you safely. In the event that a health condition would contraindicate training, Women’s Barbell Club retains the right to refuse service.

Nashville Women’s Barbell Club cannot be held liable for any losses, injury, or damages that result from the choices you make based on the information that is presented on this site.

All written, video, audio, and image content contained on this website is the intellectual property of Alex Beasley, Alison Wolfer, and Nashville Women’s Barbell Club. It is illegal to use this content without permission. Nashville Women’s Barbell Club will take legal action if such plagiarism is evident.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please email info@nashvilleWBBC.com.