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Atlanta Women's Barbell Club

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Physical strength is the most important physical attribute you can possess. Strength expands your capability to “do life” effectively, independently, and with confidence.

Effective Coaching

Atlanta Women’s Barbell Club is a coaching club. Our coaches pre plan each member’s workout based on an individualized approach to strength training and members are supervised by a coach for every working set. This ensures quality technique, personalized coaching, and optimal results.

Program Guidance

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Positive Environment



Gyms suck. By joining one of our barbell clubs, you’ll connect with like-minded women who also want to learn how to get strong and ditch the intimidating commercial gym atmosphere.


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Genuine Connection

Our goal is to generate connections between like-minded women formed on the basis of strength training. These connections inspire friendships and create a sense of community for our members, allowing the women involved to embolden each other in training as well as life.


Flexible Class Options 

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