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The mission statement for Atlanta Women’s Barbell Club is:

To build a supportive, diverse, and safe community of women who are emboldened to grow stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

To accomplish this, we bring groups of women together a few times each week for an 8-week cycle of strength training. We are exclusively a coaching club, meaning an experienced strength coach will have eyes on every working set the members perform and direct oversight into each member’s programming. Workouts are pre-written for our members, as programming is specifically based upon effective strength training protocols. We conclude our program with a mini mock powerlifting meet in which the members display their strength on the platform with the support of all the other members.

We believe in providing effective coaching in order to guarantee quality results for our members.

We believe in maintaining a level of high integrity and honesty with our members.

We believe in fostering a positive environment so that members can come to our sessions expecting awesomeness and laughter alongside their hard work.

We believe in creating a genuine connection between members, allowing women to inspire and embolden one another in a way that translates from the gym to their everyday life.