Meet The Coaches


Alex Beasley

Alex has been a coach since early 2013 and received her Starting Strength Coach’s Credential in April of 2017. Alex has coached hundreds of women in their journey to becoming stronger and believes it is an important aspect of physical longevity and general awesomeness. Alex is a recreational powerlifter with training bests of 260/165/300 respectively and enjoys puppies, wine, and eating Ribeyes. Alex currently coaches out of Atlanta Barbell in Dectaur, Georgia.


Amy Pingel

Amy obtained her B.A. degree in Dance and worked in Arts Management for several years before making a career shift into the corporate world. Wanting to stay active in movement, she continued to dance and practice yoga before discovering barbell training. After experiencing firsthand how important strength is to physical and mental health, she is now focused on coaching others in becoming stronger versions of themselves. She attended a Starting Strength seminar in March of 2018, currently coaches at Atlanta Barbell and is working towards earning her Starting Strength Coach credential. When she’s not in the gym, she loves hiking Georgia trails and hanging out with her family, friends and pup.