What is Atlanta Women’s Barbell Club?

ATL Women's Barbell Club is Altanta’s first ever exclusive, all women’s barbell club. The club was created by Alex Beasley: both a lifter and experienced coach on a mission to grow a community of strong women. The club operates in 8 week cycles, meets on your schedule, and includes a mock powerlifting meet at the conclusion of the cycle to test your relative maximums in all of the lifts. The clubs are small, with members ranging from 2 to 8 members per club, which allows for a coach’s eyes to be on you during all of your sets. Each member will receive individual programming and coaching, a community of like-minded female lifters, and a gym to do it in.

Why should I get strong?

Getting stronger has a number of health benefits including building stronger tissues that are more resistant to injury, increased bone density, and more freedom to move around and complete everyday tasks like carrying groceries, keeping up with your kids, putting bags in the overhead compartment of an airplane, or climbing stairs. There are also very potent and important psychological benefits of getting stronger as well: increased confidence, discipline, and motivation as well as a powerful way to work on building a healthy body image.

Where does the club meet?

The ATL Women's Barbell Club meets inside of Atlanta Barbell in Decatur, GA. 

Who are the coaches?

The ATL Women's Barbell Club coach is Alex Beasley. Read more about her here!

Do I need to have lifting experience?

Nope! Most of our members have never touched a barbell in their lives, and the club is structured to teach all levels of lifters. We offer two different cycles, a novice and an advanced cycle, allowing lifters with training differences to make the most amount of progress possible.

Is there an age requirement or limit?

Nope! We aim to foster a community of likeminded lifters who come together to all reach one end goal: getting stronger. No matter what, coaching is personalized based on individual training needs.

Do I need equipment?

A drive to get stronger is the only true “equipment” that you need. However, we recommend investing in a pair of lifting shoes and a belt if you plan to make strength training a part of your future. More information about equipment is available to members upon joining, including recommendations and options for all types of budgets.

When does the club meet?

Each club is 8 weeks long. Based upon your availability and the type of club appropriate for you, we will match you with a group and notify you of your assignment as soon as the group is full. Women with similar availability will be placed together in order to make the club work for everyone’s busy schedules. We do our best to accommodate a variety of schedules with our pay by the session option; we do require that you attend at least 8 sessions to be prepared for the mock meet.

How much does joining a club cost?

We have two options for membership to the club. The first is an up front payment of $450 which covers all 24 sessions during the 8 weeks, your access to the gym during those times, and admission to the powerlifting meet at the end. We understand that making all 24 sessions may not be doable, so we also offer a pay-by-the-session option for $25/session. We ask that with the pay-by-the-session option that you attend as many classes as possible to get the most out of the experience with a minimum requirement of 8 attendances. Your workouts will still be written for all 24 sessions, so if completing them at a different time works better for you we can accommodate that.

How can I join?

If you are interested in joining, you will fill out this survey of questions about your training experience and current schedule. Alex will then contact you and set up a phone call or meeting to discuss options further and from there you will be placed in a club that works best for you. The phone call or meeting is necessary to make sure that the club is indeed a good fit for you and for us to get to know you a little bit more!